2022.09- Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Musashi University, Japan

  • I study racial, ethnic, and gender issues in developing countries, using applied-micro econometrics. My questions include how people form social identities, how these social identities interact with social and economic policies, and how people interact with others who have other identities.

    I received PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland in May 2022.

    2022.12.08-12 I will present my work at AASLE 2022 at the University of Tokyo
    2022.11.04 I will present my work at Hitotsubashi University, Japan
    2022.09.05 My paper with Taka Hamada (Toyo U), “Risks on Others“, is substantially updated.
    2022.09.01 I started working at Musashi University as an Assistant Professor of Economics.
    2022.08.23-27 participated in The 7th Lindau  Meeting on Economic Sciences at Lindau, Germany

    Contact : tomohiro.hara[at]cc.musashi.ac.jp
    ※ You can still contact me using my previous email address (tomohara[at]umd.edu). Your email will be forwarded to my new address. ※